Immortal inverse

That one Su Huaize drove the car and said hesitantly, "You." Are you angry? It's so awesome that even the honorific is used.

"Granduncle.." He He is my uncle. It was a sixth-order fierce beast, and it perished directly under the magic power of my uncle's fist! Just then, a roar of the beast came from far away, only to see a lion-shaped beast with sharp thorns all over its body, nearly two hundred feet in size, roaring in the starry fog on the horizon. At the moment of its appearance, the rest of the ferocious beasts around it suddenly dispersed, as if they dared not approach within a certain range. Sword lion beast of the eighth order! The pupils of Li Xiangdong's eyes contracted, and the two elders around him exclaimed, and even Lu Yanfei took a deep breath, showing the color of nervousness. Wang Lin suddenly looked up, his eyes shining, and in the eyes of the monks around him, he rushed out like a meteor straight into the sky, rushing toward the mighty eighth-order beast. Its speed was faster than the running thunder, and at the moment of approaching the fierce beast, Wang Lin raised his right leg and pumped it forward! An earth-shaking roar rose into the air, and the mighty beast's body suddenly burst open, turning into a fog of blood that dissipated all over the sky. The huge vitality melted into Wang Lin's body, and Wang Lin stood in the sky to enjoy the vitality of the eight-order beast, just like a God! All around suddenly quiet, the head of the beast eyes no longer greedy, but turned into fear, the monks stared at this scene, almost can not believe their eyes. The eighth order.. Li Xiangdong froze, a blank in the brain, his side two old, the same Leng Zheng in situ,Lamella Plate Settler, completely shocked. Volume 7 Chapter 1160 Li Qianmei Chapter 1160 Li Qianmei. A foot sweep, instant kill the eight-order beast, although this eight-order beast can fight with the pure nirvana, but not a monk, more can not use the magic weapon, just with its perception of the rules of heaven and earth magic power, but, after all, this is the eight-order beast! The friar who can instantly kill the eighth order fierce beast, even in the cloud sea star field,rapid sand filters, is enough to step into the ranks of the strong! Li Xiangdong four people gawked at this scene, in their eyes, the uncle who had never been masked before, immediately full of mystery and majesty. Even though they had doubts about Wang Lin's identity, at this moment, they did not hesitate to choose to ignore it. It is just around the corner to have such a great God, a monk, in my Gui yuan Zong. Gui yuan Zong dominates the fifth order star field! In addition to Lv Yanfei, Li Xiangdong and the two elders around him looked at each other and were excited! If they know that not only the eighth order beast will be killed by Wang Lin, but also not long ago, there is a cloud sea sixth order star field of broken nirvana monks also died in the hands of Wang Lin, then the shock in their hearts, will be even heavier. Those who saw the power of Wang Lin's fierce beasts, greed disappeared at the moment, fear replaced all, suddenly dispersed in a hubbub, straight to the distance gallop, will fly out of the range of the land of Moro, back to the star field. Wang Lin did not pay attention to the thoughts of the monks around him. At the moment, Mechanical fine screen ,rotary vacuum disc filters, his whole body was surrounded by the vitality of the eight-order beast, constantly merging into his body with his own flesh and blood to resist the flesh robbery. After a few breaths, Wang Lin's eyes flashed and he took a look at the fierce beast scattered in the distance. He stepped forward, like a light of death harvesting life. In an instant, he approached a fierce beast in escape and rushed out directly. He penetrated through the body of the fierce beast, bringing up a rain of blood and vitality. The sky is shining, but Wang Lin is as fast as lightning, and every time he flashes, a fierce beast will collapse. Moments later, Wang Lin even chased out of the Moro continent, flashing through the starry sky outside the Moro continent. The sound of screams filled the starry sky. All the fierce beasts attracted by the ancient God's blood crystal were waiting for them. After a time of burning incense, it gradually ended. Within hundreds of thousands of miles outside the land of Moro, there were no more fierce beasts. Only a few fierce beasts eventually escaped with the memory of fear. They could not forget it all their lives. On the land of Moro, there was a monk, like a God. The protective layer of the land of Moro was repaired and opened again, and everything seemed to be back to its original appearance, without any change, except for the eternal shock in the hearts of the monks of Gui yuan Zong. At this moment, outside Guiyuanzong Nanyuan Pharmacy, Li Xiangdong, Lv Yanfei and two other elders stood there very respectfully, although they had been waiting for a long time, but the four of them were not impatient. The monks of Nanyuan have been moved to the other three courtyards. Apart from Sun Yun, who is with Lu Yanfei, there are no more disciples in Nanyuan. These herbs.. Are they all brought back by Martial Uncle? Li Xiangdong's eyes fell on the herb in the courtyard, and after getting Sun Yun's affirmative reply, he looked a little excited. But at this time, in this courtyard deep underground, Wang Lin sits cross-legged, opposite him, the original turns into Chang Xiao, silently breathing. Most of his body had recovered, but a piece of flesh and blood in his chest was still growing, and he had the ultimate resistance to one loss and two plagues. Time passed slowly, and three days later, the light on Wang Lin's chest flashed, and the flesh robbery dissipated. He successfully survived the first two plagues of the three losses and seven plagues of the ancient gods! The original slowly opened his eyes, revealing a very bright awn, and an invisible pressure spread out, his skin, more rough, his bones, more hard! At this moment, the original has truly become an ancient God, rather than the incomplete past! But also in the devouring of the endless yuan Li and the strange star fog, through the disaster of the original, repair for a great increase! Next to the five star points between his eyebrows, a star point appeared again, but this star point is still a little blurred, not yet fully formed, but just so, it has made Wang Lin ecstatic! Ancient gods are not like monks, and it is too difficult to add one star. For more than a thousand years, Wang Lin has gone through hardships and many adventures, which made the ancient God reach five stars. At present, although the sixth star is still vague, but the strength of the original can play, but it is far more than before! More importantly, if you reach the ancient God of six stars, you can derive your own full moon from your body! With a smile at the corners of his mouth,wall penstocks, he continued to cross his knees in the depths of the earth, absorbing the power of heaven and earth, and began to carry out the evolution of the full moon. Wang Lin left here and appeared in the house of the pharmacy.