Ao Jian Ling Yun

My younger brother admires him very much. Ghost King Xu Ruowu smiled faintly and said, "Look at the way yuanzhang has a plan in mind. Everything must be going smoothly. Congratulations."

[Text Chapter 144 The Attack of the Yellow Sparrow Behind!] Under the black face towel of the magic swordsman, his face was livid, and he even felt in a trance. This was not a boy of thirteen or fourteen at all, but a very mature old fox! Obviously the strength is very weak, at least for him, but it happened to pinch their dead hole! This kind of helpless cowardice, let him have a kind of want to vomit blood feeling! Originally thought very well, oneself entangle Ling Xiao side of the magic swordsman, and then the remaining four crazy swordsmen, enough to catch Ling Xiao, because no matter how talented people, can not break through the pulse of heaven after half a year, can defeat the four crazy swordsmen! Who knows the reality is so cruel, mercilessly gave them a slap in the face, this young man is not only strong enough to be abnormal, but also beheaded two crazy swordsmen, and that one is obviously not as strong as his own first-order magic swordsman, desperately can also burst out to let him all taboo momentum, completely entangled him. The novel is offered for reading for thousands of years-wWW. Qianzai. CoM. The most unexpected thing for him was that the wind chimes could also be controlled, which was the baby daughter of the master! The sixth-rank mad swordsman who has mastered the swordsmanship of "Death Call"! Just now he was afraid that Miss Fengling's temper would burst out. If he killed the boy with a sword, he would probably get themselves into big trouble. The Ling family or the Blue Moon Empire, they could not care. But if the man behind Ling Xiao knew that Ling Xiao had been killed, he would be angry. If he traced it to them, they would suffer heavy losses! Although such possibilities are few and far between, these people are extremely cautious in doing things! But unexpectedly, this teenager can actually give.. Show the sword skill similar to the little sister's call of death. The dazzling light of that moment made his pupils shrink uncontrollably. The heart can not help but think, if the enemy is their own, the other side of the surprise to their own to this moment,Surveyors tape measure, then what will happen to themselves. The result made him very frightened, because even he could not help closing his eyes! Masters fight, many times decide the victory or defeat.. Its essence is a matter of a moment. ! And, in the case of similar grades. Down It's hard to predict who will win and who will lose. If the high-level one can defeat the low-level one, then there will be no accident in the world! It's just that there's too much difference in rank. Bell, you can rest assured that I will come to pick you up as soon as possible, you can rest assured that he. He's a man of status. I won't embarrass you, a little girl! The magic swordsman put the scarlet sword into the scabbard and stared at Ling Xiao with sharp eyes. "Am I right?" Ling Xiao's eyes, however, stared at his sword, scaring the magic swordsman to hold it. The hand of the sword Can't help but tight, then feel a little angry, I am a magic swordsman, how can I be afraid of such a yellow-mouthed child! "Give me your sword." Ling Xiao said indifferently, in the words, Adhesive fish ruler ,Diameter tape measure, not a trace of business. There is room for quantity ! You.. Boy, don't you.. Too much ! Don't forget, you are an aristocrat! Not a robber! The magic swordsman flew into a rage. In his eyes, the sword was no worse than his delicate and dewy younger martial sister. Of course, he didn't dare to say this in front of the master and the younger martial sister, but in his heart, he always took the sword more important than his life! "You won't give it to me even if I kill her?" Ling Xiao slanted and stood there, a woman in black who was shivering with anger, and said with an expressionless face. I.. I The magic swordsman was so angry that he pointed at Ling Xiao, but suddenly remembered everything he had seen these two days. Outside the city, he captured the generals of the other side neatly, and then threatened them to surrender. After entering the city, he rushed directly to the castellan mansion without playing cards. In the process of confrontation, the other side's magic swordsman captured the castellan Li Houlin. As a result, Li Houlin left the city, which has been their family fief since ancient times, and most of the wealth secretly transported out in the early days was taken away. I'm not a loser. The magic swordsman had no choice but to suddenly raise such an idea in his mind that he had always looked down upon the young man! Although the age is not big, but the thing that does, let a person feel surprised already, think later, in reason again, crisp and neat, kill bold, afraid again complex thing, to this teenager hand, also can be handled like this crisp and neat. Thinking of this, the magic swordsman couldn't help taking an angry look at the old man who was standing there calmly and calmly. He scolded in his heart, "Old man, you are obviously injured, but you still pretend to be all right. Damn it. Without this old guy, even if this boy has great ability, he can't escape!"! The magic swordsman was so helpless that he threw the sword to Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao grabbed it. As soon as he started with the sword, it sank. Ling Xiao was secretly pleased that it was made of that thing. This surprised Ling Xiao so much that he took it back into the ring. Then he took out a pill and threw it to the woman in black: "Eat it!" I don't.. "Uh.." As soon as the woman in black shouted out two words, she felt a sore throat. Tears of humiliation could no longer help flowing down. She sobbed, "If you break my face, I'll fight with you!" Then he picked up the pill, frowned, and ate it like poison. Did not expect to immediately feel a delicate fragrance in the mouth, wind bells swear that they have never eaten such delicious food, the whole body came a lazy feeling, so comfortable that she almost groaned out, but then feel wrong, because the whole body can not lift a trace of strength! Suddenly looked at Ling Xiao in horror: "What did you give me to eat?"? What did you give me to eat? Ling Xiao took back the steel sword at this time and looked at the woman in black lightly: "It's not poison, but if you want to recover, you must take the elixir I gave you. However, I think it's better for you to do this. At least you won't hurt others when you're crazy!" "You are shameless!" The woman in black cried angrily at Ling Xiao. Unfortunately,Fish measuring board, Ling Xiao didn't look at her again. Instead, she said to the remaining two people, "Those who take you with them can leave." 。