Vertical and Horizontal Promise of Online Games (Pear Flower)

When Huo Yuhao was discovered. Everyone thinks that the other side is just a person who has detected here, with strange stealth ability. But then Tang Wutong appeared. One becomes two.

Strange, no matter how big the sun is, it shouldn't be so hot. Haoran has been turning on 50% of the feeling state, in such a hot climate, he felt his clothes were soaked with sweat. Looked at the friend panel, Szeto Muyun, they have not been online. Well, girls have a lot of things to do. Maybe they still have the habit of making up before playing games. No, the bad cowboy is not a girl. Why is he not on the line? Must be sticking to the crack in the door to peep at Xiao Yun makeup, Haoran discontentedly thought, early know oneself also late on the line to see beauty makeup is really not the general enjoyment! Waiting is also waiting, Haoran can just find time to go to the auction to see how the items on his shelves are selling. Dear warrior, I have been waiting for you for a long time. As soon as he entered the auction house, the sharp-eyed auctioneer Xiaoyuan immediately greeted him. Chapter 99 a lot of gold coins "I said, Xiao yuan, we are old acquaintances from Les Village together. You can call me Haoran in the future." Although it feels good to be called a warrior all the time, he still feels more friendly to call himself by his name. OK Xiaoyuan said cheerfully. Did you sell all the things I hung out yesterday? Haoran is very concerned about economic benefits, since Xiao Yun's salary is not necessarily paid, if you want your parents and yourself to live a good life, you have to rely on extra money. It's all sold. Your stuff always sells like hot cakes. Small circle is laughing: "Deduct trade duty,american hot tub, it is 3018 gold coin in all, with 31500 yuan cash, need to turn money immediately?" "Of course, transfer it to me immediately." Haoran nodded with satisfaction. Seeing the total number of gold coins in the package jump so high, he really felt like an upstart. Converted by the market price, 600 yuan a piece, if you are willing to change hands,hot tub spa manufacturers, you can become a millionaire at once. Haoran thought of here, the whole person is a little stunned. Oh my God! Why didn't you find that the money in the game was so easy to earn before? How easy is it to get 1800000? Haoran is now eager to take a small trumpet and advertise all over the world: "I have a lot of gold coins here, everyone quickly take the RMB for it." ”“ There will be no shop after this village! After waiting for a month, the free exchange of game gold coins and real coins will be opened. At that time, it will be impossible to exchange RMB with the ratio of 1:600. But the next moment, he was clear-headed to deny this idea, now is the beginning of the game, gold coins are valuable because it can help players grow up quickly, if the gold coins are exchanged for money, then their own development will be destroyed. Forget it, put up with it for a few more days. Haoran calculated, if according to the current level, he can collect ten thousand gold coins in a few days, first learn a five-level magic, outdoor endless pool ,China spa factory, and then take out all the extra gold coins to sell in time. How to say, strong strength is also the guarantee of making money in the future. We must not give up the whole forest for a tree. Thinking of this, Haoran said to Xiaoyuan with a smile, "You wait here for a while, and I will send a batch of goods later." "Uh-huh." Xiaoyuan nodded repeatedly, and thanks to Haoran, he became the auctioneer with the highest business volume in the whole auction house on his first day of work. If it goes on like this, it is not impossible to upgrade to an auction master. Haoran went straight to the grocery store, where he had already booked for a week. As soon as Giselle saw him, she took out the materials she had prepared. Hurry up and make a bomb! Haoran immediately started alchemy, and in less than ten minutes, fifty alchemy bombs were completed. After finishing the alchemy bomb, Szeto Muyun and others finally went online. Xiao Bai, I will go to the Magician's Guild to learn some magic first. Team up to fight monsters together after finishing. This is a message from Xiao Yun. Give me 40 minutes, and I'll be level 20. Rotten cowboy also sent him a message, it seems that he is afraid of Haoran and two beautiful women to brush the boss together, not their own share. Ha ha, this brother is really interesting, this tone is obviously afraid of losing my cousin and losing my army. Brother Xiaobai, who killed you level 4? Qingqing is concerned about his actual situation. This, accident, accident. Haoran had two accidents in a row, which made everyone more curious. Xiao Bai, tell me what happened. Szeto Muyun, after a clear reminder, also found this problem. "Let's talk about it when we meet. Listen to the bad cowboy. Let's meet on the edge of the palace in 40 minutes." Haoran put that aside in advance. Send so many words on the information panel to explain the problem, it is better to seize the time to make a batch of hair dyes. All right then. Xiao Yun agreed. Brother Xiaobai, don't take things too hard. Qingqing is still so considerate. Boy, I'll hurry up and pass you. The rotten cowboy is happy in the heart, on the rank list crazy lives the small white originally is far ahead, lets oneself want to pursue powerlessly. This drop has greatly narrowed the gap between the two, so that the bad cowboy comrades see the hope of catching up. …… Meet me at the palace in 40 minutes. Haoran turned off the friend panel and rushed straight to the alchemist's guild. This time, as soon as he entered the magical space, he found Lucy spinning happily on the merry-go-round. It didn't take him much time to find the alchemist. Master Lucy, I need hair dye. Haoran is eager to say that this hair dye is a big part of making money, so we should take the time to do it. "The little girl Lucy glanced at him and said to herself," Here comes the money again. " Here After they had each taken what they needed, Lucy left him and went on playing in the playground. Haoran also did not say much, seize the time to rush to make hair dye. Thirty minutes later, another two hundred colorful hair dyes appeared in his package. He left some hair dye for intelligence, a few for strength, and the rest plus 35 alchemy bombs, all of which were lost at auction. As soon as Xiaoyuan saw so much business coming to her, she was so happy that she couldn't close her mouth. He immediately put on Haoran's shoulder,outdoor whirlpool tub, brother long, brother short to shout that is called an intimate ah. Haoran looked at Xiaoyuan's excited expression that was about to drip water, and he was silent for a while.