Runaway hero

She quietly found out the origins of these people and opened this list. On the way back, she also captured herself!.

After stepping on the red felt, he stepped onto the dragon chair behind the screen and sat down, only to see that he had a strange appearance, five willows and long whiskers, silkworm eyebrows and phoenix eyes, and really had the image of an emperor or a great man described in ancient books. Then there was the sound of orchestral music, melodious, but I do not know where it came from? The little bell bowed to the ground again and said, "Will you open the door to welcome the guests at this moment?" "You are the envoy to welcome the guests," said the "Purple Marquis" in a lazy voice. "It's up to you to do everything." The voice was like high mountains and flowing water, gentle and natural, as if he was not anxious about anything, and as if there was nothing in the world that he could take to heart. Pei Yu stared at the "Marquis" and knew that he was the father of the little princess, but no matter how he looked, he had no resemblance to the little princess. Yes, the only spiritual resemblance is in those eyes, bright and spiritual! "Yes," answered the little bell. Fall to the ground and worship again, Yingying stood up, turned around and went out. Pei Yu, however, noticed that under the throne of the "purple Marquis", a pure white long-haired civet cat came silently to the Marquis's feet. The Marquis was gazing at the distant ceiling in a trance, but he also stretched out a hand,stainless tile trim, like a white jade carving, with five slender fingers, soft lines, and no dirt or flaws. Between his thumb and forefinger, he pinched a small golden carp. The carp just hung down in front of the white cat. As soon as the white cat grew up, it swallowed the goldfish. The white jade palm was still touching the long white soft hair, which seemed to be very loving. The cat walked very softly and silently, but the "purple Marquis" could hear it coming and know its position accurately. Isn't it amazing? Could it be that the skill of the "Purple Marquis" has reached a magical level? So it's not night,stainless steel tile edge trim, it's broad daylight? So they were on a huge, huge, huge ship? It turned out that Pei Yu and the little princess lived in the cabin at the bottom of the ship? There's no daylight at all. I can't even tell the time of day from the time of night.. It was sunny and sunny at the moment, with blue sky and white clouds, and Pei Yu was standing just at the window. He felt relaxed and happy, and took a deep breath. "Purple Hou Ye" unexpectedly also heard his inhale sound, looked to him, in the benevolent vision, has a little smile. Pei Yu couldn't help but feel his heart beating wildly. "Lord Ziyi," he waved to him and said, "Come here!" Pei Yu was a little flustered, and her second sister motioned to her hurriedly. Only then did Pei Yu summon up her courage and walk forward. I was so nervous that I couldn't even walk steadily, let alone salute! "Are you Pei Yu?" The "Purple Marquis" whispered as he approached. Pei Yu was startled. "Lord Ziyi," he added, "I heard you served the little princess very well? It's not easy to serve her, so I want to thank you.. Then he took off a purple crystal ring on his hand and put it on him, saying, stainless steel edging strip ,metal trim manufacturers, "In the future, you should treat her well!" "Yes," said Pei Yu respectfully. Suddenly I heard the sound of a "little bell" outside. It was clear and loud. "The Marquis has given orders to welcome the guests on board," he said. Pei Yu is now standing beside the "purple Marquis", looking from the window, only to see the "little bell". He had walked over the boards of the ship, which had been washed clean by the water, and stepped onto the side of the ship, bending down to look at the sea. There were three speedboats floating on the sea, with dozens of people standing tall and low on the boats, each looking up, wishing he could board the giant ship. It turns out that this is the mythical "five-color sailing boat" in the legend of Jianghu! And this "purple Marquis" is the owner of the five-color sailboat in the myth! Marked by five-colored sails, this huge ship sails back and forth on the sea all year round, its whereabouts are uncertain, and it arrives here again at this time of the year. The draft of the giant ship is too deep to reach the shore, so these Jianghu people can only come by such small boats or speedboats if they want to see it. Looking at the giant boat from the speedboat, just like a chicken looking up at the giant, there is still a big gap in height! The "little bell" stood on the side of the ship, against the blue sky and white clouds behind him, like a fairy in the sky. The Jianghu people on the speedboat looked up, but most of them were stunned. "Little Bell" smiled and said, "Are you here to see me? Or do you come to pay homage to my Marquis? Everyone was stunned. "Little Bell" smiled again and said, "If you have come to pay homage to my Marquis, please get on the boat now." There was a commotion on the speedboat, and everyone was scrambling to get on the boat. "Little Bell" shouted softly, "Wait a minute. The Marquis will tell you to post a name. Only the person who is famous on the post can get on the boat. If the name is unknown on the post, you have to come up. Then.. Alas ! I'm afraid you can't go down any more, but don't blame me for not saying it first! There was a whisper in the crowd, and suddenly a shrill voice said, "Your Marquis has just returned from overseas. How do you know who will come to see us?" "Little Bell," he said with a smile, "is there anything my Marquis doesn't know?" He took out a thin piece of paper from his sleeve and threw it down. The sea breeze was strong, and the bow of the boat was high. Everyone thought that this thin piece of paper would be blown away by the sea breeze, but it seemed that someone was holding it. Slowly, it floated straight down and fell into the hands of Jianghu people? Someone couldn't help cheering: "What a handsome girl!" "Little Bell" smiled and said, "Look at this post. Have you ever written the wrong person?" They looked at the name of the post, which was indeed written by the well-known people waiting on the shore this time, almost all of them were missing, but only a few notorious people were eliminated. Little Bell "naturally saw the look of horror on their faces, with a hidden smile in his eyes, and said," If the name post is good? Please come up in order! The slender waist turned and floated back to the side of the ship. Just listen to the sound of the wind behind the clothes, again and again, more than ten people have followed up, these people's martial arts are first-class masters, when landing without a sound. There were still more than ten people on the three speedboats, all of whom were dejected. They joined one of them and turned away, murmuring, "Strange?"? Strange? How could he know who was waiting for him on the shore? Pei Yu, of course, had already guessed that it was the second sister, the third sister,aluminium edge trim, the fourth sister, and others who had gone ashore. She quietly found out the origins of these people and opened this list. On the way back, she also captured herself!.