[Epidemic prevention and control in Gansu is in action] Dingxi City: All sectors of society work together to weave a den

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Original title: [Epidemic Prevention and Control in Gansu in Action] Dingxi City: All sectors of society work together to weave a dense epidemic prevention and control network Since the outbreak of the new round of epidemic, Dingxi City has resolutely implemented the general strategy of "forestall inbound transmissions, stem the coronavirus' domestic resurgence" and the general policy of "dynamic zero clearance", and has made every effort to prevent and control the epidemic by acting quickly, sinking to the front line, integrating groups and racing against time. All sectors of society in the city worked together and twisted into a rope, highlighting the Dingxi's responsibility and role in epidemic prevention and control. Dingxi City: Firmly Guard the "North Gate" "Two roads and two stations" is the first pass of forestall inbound transmissions in Dingxi City. In order to firmly hold the first line of defense, Dingxi City organized traffic, public security, traffic police, health, high-speed management and other departments to jointly set up epidemic prevention and control traffic quarantine points at Dingxi Expressway, and resolutely implemented the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan and the "nine inaccuracies". In order to guard the "north gate" of Dingxi, the traffic quarantine team of Dingxi City set up a traffic quarantine point at the northwest exit of Dingxi Expressway, and took turns on duty 24 hours a day to effectively weave the "iron wall" of epidemic prevention and control. Anding District: Big Data Helps Make Epidemic Prevention and Control More Accurate In order to effectively play the role of big data in epidemic prevention and control, Anding District has used the "three zero insurance" small program on line, which can quickly realize the registration and filing of foreign personnel, early warning and detection of abnormal personnel, precise push of quick inquiry measures for prevention and control information, and intelligent epidemiological investigation of residential history by scanning the two-dimensional code of the small program and filling in basic personal information. It has effectively promoted the epidemic prevention and control in Anding District to be more standardized, more intelligent and more accurate. Expand the full text Another major function of the stable "three zero insurance" small program is to set up active reporting,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping, especially for special groups such as children, the elderly, the blind, the deaf and mute who do not use or can not operate smart phones, to add the function of "reporting on behalf of others", which effectively solv es the problem of "error" in manual registration, and effectively solves the problem. It effectively reduces the risk of epidemic spread caused by "withhold of information", "false reporting" and "underreport",Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop, and scientifically standardizes the registration of foreign personnel. Tongwei County: "Qihuang Avoiding Plague" Decoction Contributes to Traditional Chinese Medicine for Epidemic Prevention and Control In order to give full play to the important role of traditional Chinese medicine in epidemic prevention and control, Tongwei County People's Hospital, referring to the latest "Prevention Program of Traditional Chinese Medicine for COVID-19 in Gansu Province", unified prescriptions, provided "Qihuang Avoiding Pestilence" decoction for key groups in key places of Tongwei County, and unified decoction and distribution by the decoction room, contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic. It is understood that Tongwei County People's Hospital issued the "Qihuang Biwen" decoction, which is composed of eight traditional Chinese medicines, such as Astragalus membranaceus, reed rhizome and Forsythia suspensa. It has the functions of benefiting Qi and consolidating the exterior, clearing heat and detoxifying, and improving human immunity by benefiting Qi and nourishing the lung, thus reducing the risk of infection. Up to now, a total of 624 doses and 1248 bags of preventive Chinese medicine decoction have been provided to key groups. Zhangxian County: "Knock on the door" is in progress, free shipping disposable coverall ,KN95 Mask for Epidemic Prevention and Control, please cooperate! In order to further implement the detailed epidemic prevention and control measures and effectively weave a tight line of defense for forestall inbound transmissions, Zhangxian County organized county, town and village (community) staff, grid members and volunteers to carry out a comprehensive "knock on the door action" through the three steps of "sweeping, checking and checking", and comprehensively arranged the information of people returning to Zhangzhou. Community prevention and control is the most basic, the most important, the most arduous work of epidemic prevention and control, is to promote the implementation of the responsibility of prevention and control measures to the "last meter" place, Zhangxian closely relying on the grid model of social governance, through strengthen society-wide efforts to contain the epidemic, strict investigation, blocking the source, and building a strong line of defense against the epidemic. Minxian County: Muzhailing Traffic Quarantine Inspection Station Builds the First Line of Defense Over the past few days, in the face of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, Minxian County has focused on key regional sections and key links, set up prevention and control monitoring points and investigation points, built every line of defense for epidemic prevention and control, and made every effort to protect people's lives and health. As an important transportation hub, Muzhailing is also the "first line of defense" to enter the north gate of Minxian County, so the epidemic prevention and control work is particularly important. Over the past few days, Muzhailing Traffic Quarantine Inspection Point, composed of many departments in Minxian County, has been responsible for checking health codes, journey codes and registration of vehicle information personnel, playing a vital role in epidemic prevention and control. Guard a city, safe side of the people. Muzhailing Tunnel has an endless stream of vehicles coming and going every day, and the busy figure of the staff never stops. They check the vehicles and personnel coming to Min one by one. By checking the health code, journey code and nucleic acid test report, they inquire about their departure place, route and destination in detail, and cooperate with the health and epidemic prevention department to do a good job of health code and journey code. Really achieve "no leakage of a car, no leakage of a person". Lintao County: The Story Behind "Love Cold Noodles" Starting from July 10, the export duty points of Yujing and Sanshilidun expressway in Lintao County have successively received a steaming "love meal"-hot and cold noodles, which are provided free of charge by a catering industry practitioner, whose name is Zhang Bingjun. Every morning at nine o'clock, the first bowl of hot and cold noodles is cooked. The crystal clear noodles are wrapped in fragrant rapeseed oil. After a little cooling, the noodles are evenly packed into disposable lunch boxes. On the other side, the fried meat with green pepper, which is rich in ingredients, has also come out of the pot. The whole meal was packed neatly, and then Zhang Bingjun acted as a takeaway brother and delivered it to the duty point that had been contacted in advance. (Comprehensive report of Dingxi Financial Media Center and County Financial Media Center) Source: Dingxi TV (ID: DINGXIRTV), Minxian Voice, Tongwei Financial Media, etc. Editor: Du Yiming Editor: Zhu Wang Reviewer: Wang Xuexiang Recommended reading in the past Many places in Gansu issued a reminder: If you have been to these places, please take the initiative to report immediately! Urgent search! Up to date! 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