Escape (full) by boundless night

Original Title: Devouring Countless Children Every Year, don't Parents Pay Attention to These Fatal Hidden Dangers?

Lan Jingyi looked at herself in the mirror, dressed in a long silver dress, with a pretty curl at the end of her long black hair, which made her beautiful collarbone appear. She suddenly changed from a cardamom girl to a charming girl, and her charm and maturity were vividly outlined in this silver dress. In a daze, the door opened, she turned around, Nalan Siyi stood at the door and saw her in a daze, but his eyes showed sincere appreciation. As I expected, it was really beautiful, but there seemed to be something wrong with it. "He approached her and took a unique pearl necklace from his pocket and put it on her.". He wrapped his arms around her and gently pushed her long hair away. Her face was forced close to his chest. She smelled the faint fragrance of tobacco. He grabbed her shoulders with both arms and looked at her carefully, with a satisfied expression on his face. "That's good." Thank you. The teacher said, "She is a little awkward in front of him." Hearing your teacher again, I waited for sixteen years. "He looked at her with dark eyes, opened the door and led her out.". The three teenagers cut the cake together and put it into a delicate dish. They could not see that they had had an irreconcilable grudge. The three teenagers, who had just turned sixteen,Pallet rack upright, had learned to act. Nalan's narrow eyes glanced at the VIP seat. "Where is she?" Nalan heard this and looked over. He threw away the fruit knife and ran off the stage. Nalan quickly followed him. Nalandi stopped in the middle of the spiral staircase because he saw his father and Lan Jingyi, dressed in silver, coming down. Nalan Siyi's hand was around her shoulder, and she was smiling at him in a new dress. A wave of anger exploded in the boy's chest, and he looked at them coldly. Nalan's face was not gloomy, and his feminine and handsome cheeks were covered with haze. Lan Jingyi's face stiffened. She pushed aside Nalan Siyi's hand,Cantilever Storage rack, and Nalan Siyi quietly surrounded her again. Everyone is celebrating for you two. Why are you here again? Nalansi Yi asked lightly. Lan Jingyi clenched her hands nervously and dared not look at the two teenagers standing under the stairs. We found that the simple teacher suddenly disappeared, thinking that she had been abducted by some bad person, so we came up to see, "Nalandi's face returned to calm, said coldly." If you have this worry, you should also go outside the hall to see, "Nalan Siyi raised his eyebrows and said," Well, Jingyi's skirt is dirty, I took her to change one, go downstairs, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Industrial pallet rack, don't be indifferent to the guests. " Nalandi took a quick look at Lan Jingyi, which was so sharp that Lan Jingyi wanted to escape. He stretched out his hand to her and said nothing at the corners of his lips. There was a flash of unhappiness in Nalansi's eyes. He surrounded Lan Jingyi tightly, and the father and son confronted each other in the stairwell. Lan Jingyi broke away from Nalansi and put her hand in Nalandi's palm. Nalandi held it tightly and held it hard. Lan Jingyi threw herself into his arms. His long arm hugged her tightly. Without looking at Nalansi, she went downstairs. Dad, the teacher is very simple, she is not the type you like, so please let her go, "Nalan dropped a sentence, also strode down the stairs.". Nalansi Yi tightly grasped the handrail of the stairs, but in a moment he had returned to a calm expression, and he slowly went downstairs, still with his original demeanor. "Lan Jingyi's body was pushed hard against the smooth and cold wall of the bathroom, and two teenagers pressed her shoulders and stared at her." Didn't I tell you to sit there and wait for us? Why is the teacher so disobedient? Nalan asked. What did you do with him? Nalandi suppressed her anger and her black eyes rested on her changing clothes. My clothes were dirty, and the teacher kindly took me to change them, otherwise I would make a fool of myself. "Is the teacher only a teenager? Do you know how simple women die?" Nalan narrowed his eyes and said. Can you follow other men when your clothes are dirty, huh? Nalandi's voice was so harsh that she was scared not to start. The two teenagers were already on the verge of anger, and she did not expect their attitude to be so extreme. You changed your clothes in front of him. Where did he see you? Did he see you at a glance? What did he do to you after you took off your clothes? Said Nalan. What is this Nalandi grabbed the necklace around her neck, and with a crash, the necklace broke, and the best beads were scattered all over the floor. "Ah ~" Lan Jingyi exclaimed, "you are too much, the teacher just took me up to change clothes, we … It's just a teacher-student relationship between us. He's my most respected teacher. Please don't think about him so dirtily. "You still say good words for him." Nalan came forward and grabbed her neck. Nalan rushed to pull him away. "Brother, calm down." Lan Jingyi pressed her body tightly against the wall and looked at the boy who was out of control with a frightened face. Nalandi stared at her with a cold expression. "It's hard for us to digest today's situation, especially the fact that you know the old man, so please restrain yourself a little, otherwise I won't guarantee that you will die very ugly." "Yes, don't challenge our limits. It's better not to chat with other men casually. Even if that man is your teacher and our father, don't think I have a good temper. I wish I could strangle you now. The reason why you are not strangled now is that I am more patient than my brother, do you know?" Lan Jingyi gasped and could not speak. Nalan took her and hugged her. "This dress looks very uncomfortable, but it's impossible to strip you off now, so don't bother me and my brother again." He kissed her cold lips. The two men took her out of the bathroom, and their appearance drew everyone's gaze. The banquet was finally over. When the crowd dispersed in twos and threes, Nalandi and Nalan pulled her to the sports car. Nalandi opened the car, stuffed her in, and was about to get on the car. Nalan Siyi was already standing in the shadow of the hall. "Where are you going?" "Go home and see President Nalan." Nalan waved in the car. " "Don't forget what you promised to live with me in the mansion," Nalan Siyi said slowly. We didn't promise,radio shuttle racking, it's your own imagination, "Nalandi answered indifferently." I haven't lived with the president since I was a child, so I'm not used to it now. ".