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"Humph!" Caron sneered. If the seven guys weren't still useful, and he didn't want to waste the Black Blood Beads, he would have killed them. You can rest assured that as long as you follow and obey my orders wholeheartedly, I will not treat you badly! Caron said with a haughty look. Seven people dare not speak out, so they have to yield to Caron's power and show their loyalty to Caron one by one. Ok Caron waved his hand, "Now come with me to find those people, not to take their lives for the time being, until a few days later, when they have almost collected the keys, we will start again!" The seven did not dare to have any objection, hurriedly followed behind Caron, like the most loyal servant, followed him into the deep valley. As soon as Caron and others left, the mysterious woman reappeared at the mouth of the valley. She looked at the direction Caron and others left and followed them with a sneer. Even with such a thing, it seems that the game is more interesting! Pretty good! For women, this is a game, a game of life and death for these people, and the reason why women do this, only she knows, if Uncle Rong is here, it may see something, after all, he existed in ancient times, has been following the top quasi-saint of Shangqing Immortal, knowledge is naturally not comparable to this group of little guys. Unfortunately, Rong Shu could not leave Shangqing Xianfu at all, so Chu Tianming was doomed to be fooled by women. For a whole day, Chu Tianming and his party were looking for the white bone beast, killing the white bone beast, and looking for the key. In the process, they went back and forth, killing thirteen white bone beasts in a row, but only three keys were found. Chapter 673 Crocodile White Bone Beast. Thanks to the monthly ticket cast by the reader brother Lufeng Fatty,small gold wash plant, thank you! ...... And Chu Tianming's worries happened, three keys, different colors, the first key is green, the second is red, the third is blue, which shows that the key to open the exit is likely to be seven different colors, and Chu Tianming they need, is five groups of different colors of keys, if the same color of the key is too many. That's useless too! Sullen face, Chu Tianming put away the third key in his hand, even if the fact is so, they can only passively accept, the reality is so cruel. The other four people saw Chu Tianming's face was not good, a little thought, then understood the reason, Carbon in Pulp ,gold shaking table, four people's faces, not by one after another flashed a trace of helplessness. Work hard! If not, we will rob other people, in short, five sets of keys, must be raised! Chu Tianming said firmly. The four men nodded solemnly, then walked around the corpse of the dead white bone beast and continued to walk towards the huge valley. Along the way, the density of the surrounding trees began to become loose, and soon, when Chu Tianming and others jumped over a big stone blocking the way, they finally saw a running river ahead. The river is about 20 meters wide, the water quality is clear to the bottom, there are small fish and shrimps swimming in the water, looking up at the source of the river, faintly, across the distance can still hear bursts of roar. Looks like there's a waterfall over there! Chu Tianming said. By this time, the three girls had run to the water's edge and washed some stains on their hands and faces by the cool river water. Chu Tianming and Li Bu stood aside, looking at the surrounding environment, but also on the alert, in case of any sudden danger. Ya ~! All of a sudden. A scream came from behind, Chu Tianming recognized this is Fang Qing's voice, hurriedly looked back. It was not a very wide river, but a crocodile wrapped in pale bones suddenly jumped out of the water and bit directly at the three women on the shore. Fang Qing was the first to see the crocodile-like white bone beast, she first screamed, and then directly clapped the face of the white bone beast out of the water. Peng ~! Fang Qing this palm, not only failed to bring any harm to the white bone beast. On the contrary, it completely angered the white bone beast. The next moment. The body of the white bone beast rolled in the water and jumped directly to the shore, looking angry from embarrassment and shouting at the three women. Whoosh! "Evil beast, you want to die!" The Moon Shadow Fairy Sword was unsheathed, and the crescent-shaped sword light instantly split the tail of the crocodile white bone beast. History has created sparks. Whoops! The white bone beast ate the pain and turned around angrily and bit it. Chu Tianming saw that his sword had failed to cause any substantial damage to the white bone beast, and immediately frowned slightly. The defense of this white bone beast is far superior to those white bone beasts encountered before! Feeling with emotion in my heart. Chu Tianming's immortal sword kept waving, and the light of the sword filled the whole space in front of him. Dang! Dang! Dang! Sparks flew and the bone beast roared. Although Chu Tianming each sword can not bring him any substantial harm, but his each sword can make him extremely painful, these pain combined together, so that the white bone beast immediately furious. At this time, out of danger of the three women. Looking at Chu Tianming in the field with a worried face, seeing that the white bone beast was still full of vigor and vitality, the hearts of the three women suddenly pulled up. Tianming, be careful! Fang Wen shouted with a worried face. Although the other two did not say anything, their faces were no less worried than Fang Wen's. Chu Tianming smiled at them, and the strength in his hands increased by one point. Originally, with the strength of the late eighth order of Chu Tianming, it was not difficult to slay the white bone beast, but now he has maintained the strength of the fifth order, this time when he meets the white bone beast with such abnormal defense, it seems not enough. Fortunately, Chu Tianming is not the real fifth order, a move in the heart, the hand of the attack force will increase a point, reached the peak of the fifth order, this time, the white bone beast in front of him can not help but cry more miserable. Although the white bone armor outside the white bone beast seems to have nothing to do, in fact,gold CIP machine, the strength of each sword of Chu Tianming will cause a lot of damage to his internal body, in the long run, the white bone beast is very likely to be killed by Chu Tianming alive.