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We used the Wapp jump sailing method to make our way to Heinesen. As a result, when I took out the data from

Xiao Yang had already lit another cigarette and said leisurely in the smoke: "So, someone told the killer this information.". The killer didn't need to look around the house to find the surveillance room at all, because he already knew where the house was, the best place to snipe, and maybe someone had told him. Novel t-xt paradise Chapter 95 is complicated and confusing You mean there's a spy. Ye Fan gasped, "Infernal Affairs is really popular nowadays.". Xiao Yang nodded and said, "Yes, and I suspect he's a big spy." "Who could it be?" Ye Fan pondered, "Xu Jiaguang has several servants, in addition to the two bodyguards!"! And the group of people in the morning probably know the location of this room, right? "Those people won't know," said Xiao Yang. "This room was rearranged after they left." "That's not a lot smaller." Ye Fan is excited. Xiao Yang smiled and said, "It's really much smaller. First of all, these two bodyguards are certainly impossible.". If it were them, it would be easy to kill Ye Xi. Xiao Yang said to the screen mouth. The two bodyguards on the screen were standing around Xu Xi at the moment, and indeed if any one of them did it at this time, it would be hard to save the immortals. Not them? Which servant is that? Ye Fan tried to recall several servants he had seen in his impression. But Xiao Yang shook his head and said, "I'm not a servant either.". Any servant of the Xu family and the boss are far more intimate than you and me. They are all deeply trusted. If one of these people wants to do it, like these two bodyguards,Blue Bottle Serum, we can't prevent it at all. "Who else?" Ye Fan muttered and suddenly turned pale with fright: "So it's you." Xiao Yang pinched his forehead with a helpless expression of compassion: "Of course, it's not you and me." Ye Fan is completely confused, say to go to who is not, is oneself in which place want to leak? Then he laughed at himself and said, "No?"? Could it be Xu Xi himself? Xiao Yang actually showed a smile at this time and said easily, "I really think so." Ye Fan's mouth was so open that he could not close it, and the saliva was about to flow out,30ml Dropper Bottle, so he quickly reached out and pushed his mouth up. After staring for a long time, he exclaimed, "Is Xu Xi going to kill himself?"? And then hired a bodyguard to protect himself? What is this? A rich man's game? Xiao Yang shook his head and said, "Think about it carefully. Maybe the target the killer wants to deal with is not Xu Xi." Ye Fan was stupefied, but he turned the question very quickly: "Xu Yan?" "That's right." Xiao Yang nodded affirmatively. Ye Fan continued to be surprised: "You mean, Xu Xi is looking for a killer to kill his own sister?" "Extinction, inhumanity, human face, animal heart, animal in clothes.." Isn't that right? Xiao Yang even said a few idioms, which made Ye Fan, who was born in the Chinese Department, feel a little dizzy. Xiao Yang added: "At present, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, I am just guessing, but I think the possibility is quite big." "You wait." Ye Fan suddenly said, "If I had killed Xu Yan, Xu Yan would have died long ago. Especially when I arrived in the morning, those people had time to kill her.". And the time he went into the house before, the other party had time to catch her, but he didn't have time to kill her? "It's because I haven't figured that out yet that I haven't said that the possibility is 100%." Xiao Yang said. So what now? Ye Fan asked. Xiao Yang lit the third flue after he entered the house: "Ye Xi will go to the company as usual tomorrow, and of course I will accompany him.". But today out of such a few things, Xu Yan must also have someone to protect, of course, that person is you. Take this opportunity to see if you can find out anything. Finally immediately reminded: "But Xu Xi's room must not be touched, if there are any special precautions, you obviously can not cope with!" " Ye Fan nodded, and Xiao Yang asked, "Are there any questions?" Ye Fan immediately asked, "Can I go out with Xu Xi while you inquire in the room?" "No." Xiao Yang answered neatly, "You have saved Xu Yan twice, and you are of the same age and have a common language, so it is more convenient for you to inquire.". "Xiao Yang's reason is somewhat far-fetched, but it makes Ye Fan irrefutable, and he himself can feel that Xu Yan looks at himself differently.". Could it be that this is the legendary trick of the beautiful man? Ye Fan looked around and did not find a mirror in the room. Now Xiao Yang stretched himself and said, "You stare at me for a while, I'll sleep for a while, and I'll change you in the middle of the night." "Just keep staring?" Ye Fan can already foresee that although he is still a little fresh now, looking at so many screens is interesting, but it won't be long before he is absolutely tired of it. Xiao Yang sneered and said, "Do you think the life of a bodyguard is so passionate?"? Most of the time is spent in such boredom. As a professional bodyguard, he would rather be so boring, a passion, it means that it is possible to risk his life. "Why aren't you asleep?" Ye Fan doesn't have much affection for Xiao Yang's preaching. I have fallen asleep. Xiao Yang said and lay down on the couch in the corner, snoring softly for a moment, not knowing if it was a fake. Ye Fan stared at the screen in front of him, not knowing when to start, feeling more and more hazy, and when he saw them clearly again, he felt that his body had been hit hard. Ye Fan got up from the ground in a panic and saw Xiao Yang pinching his forehead and staring at himself helplessly. After a while, he said, "Elder brother, are you still a bodyguard like this?"? I can't even protect myself! Just let you watch you fall asleep. Please be alert when you fall asleep, OK? If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't know how you died. Ye Fan secretly called ashamed, this day of tossing and turning, he is indeed a little tired. But the mouth is still stubborn: "I am not without alertness,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, is to believe that do not understand?"? I believe that with you, everything will be all right. Xiao Yang ignored his flattery and went to light a cigarette by himself. Ye Fan rubbed his neck and said, "It's time to change shifts."? Then you keep an eye on me and I'll go to sleep for a while! Then he trotted all the way to the sofa. The cigarette that Xiao Yang had just lit went directly to Ye Fan's head and scolded him in his mouth: "Change the fart class. It's already dawn." 。 penghuangbottle.com