Blood demon of the end of the world

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The thirteenth element is named'Ether Element '. This kind of existence called "Yitai" can be said to be the carrier of all things, so the element that controls this element actually has the power to make all matter disappear. As we all know, light can be transmitted in a vacuum, and it relies on ether as a medium to conduct. The etheric element can be said to be an invisible, colorless and elusive existence. However, the unknown leader told Mo Xue that the thirteenth element, in fact, at some time, has two forms of expression! One is the ability to turn everything into crystals, called crystallization. Although Mo Xue has never seen such an ability, but the moon and the moon are aware of this concept. They have seen such an example since ancient times. It is said that at that time, this super-powered person could turn everything into a hard crystal, and could also control the crystal to be'crushed '. They clearly remembered that when the crystallized object was crushed, it would be like being decomposed from the micro level, more and more finely divided, and finally turned into a tiny existence that even they could not see. At that time, they thought it was just a kind of "Dun Dun" similar to "Atomic Decomposition" and "Moxue Ninjutsu"? The art of stripping the original world To put it bluntly, it is to decompose an object to the molecular level and let it die or be destroyed, but at this moment, the two accompanying spirits left behind in ancient times finally know that,Oil Dropper Bottle, in fact, after those objects were crystallized and crushed in the crystallized state, they were not "decomposed", but directly lost. Disappeared in this world. Crystallization is the first manifestation of the etheric element, and the second manifestation is blood! In this form of expression, the leader of the twelve-element organization, whose body is unknown, did not give too much explanation,cosmetic packaging wholesale, but simply told Moxue that the ether element could be conducted through the blood and could be'fixed 'in the blood, in other words, the so-called thirteenth element would not be designated. But with the spread of a certain gene, like a baton race, it will exist in a person one after another. These people may be vicious kidnappers, high-ranking officialdom, or an upstart. Back and forth, can not be sure, so, the thirteenth element, that is, the control of the existence of the'Ether element ', is not a person, but only a gene! And this is also the reason why Mo Xue came to the sky of the blood clan at this moment. Because he is the only one who can be in the blood territory, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, but also can not reduce the strength of the existence. Although he did not know why the leader of the twelve elements knew that he would not lose the control of his superpowers in the territory of the blood clan without the elemental God card, one thing happened after that made Mo Xue have to come here. Originally, Mo Xue did not agree when the leader of the Twelve Elements Organization, who did not even know who he was, asked him to come to the base city of the blood clan territory to look for the elements. However, when the unknown leader seemed to intentionally or unintentionally tell himself that his name was'Mengla ', Moxue had not yet figured out why the other party said so, but as his companion, Yueming Kong and Yuexun Ling, who did not like to talk much, urged him to listen to the opinion of'Mengla'. At this moment, standing at the height of 1000 meters, overlooking the base city below, which has been somewhat restored to the appearance before the end of the world, Mo Xue did not rush down, but asked the moon in his mind: "I don't know if it will be smooth to come here this time, but I am very strange ah, just now you are 97ks." Net seems to have a lot of respect for the owner of the metal voice. "Did you hear it?"? This is not something that cannot be said. Originally, I was not able to recognize who the metal voice was, after all, the electronic synthesis voice could be changed at will, but since he claimed to be'Monra ', and he also knew that even we all knew that the thirteenth element had two forms of expression, crystallization and blood, I had already confirmed it. Moon Ming Kong finished speaking, and Moon Xun Ling, who had not spoken all the time, also said, "Meng La, in ancient times, can be said to be a figure comparable to Mi.". Unlike Yami, the leader of the Three Eyes Clan, who is known for his strength, Mengla's main achievements are in support. It was also the first time for Mo Xue to hear Yue Xunling say so much. Before he could answer, Yue Mingkong, like a tour guide, continued to explain: "The most important reason why Meng La became famous was that he was the leader who forged the twelve swords based on the respected weapon'sword '.". And "He is also the only one I have ever seen who can use the ability of'crystallization '." PS: We all know who the thirteenth element is!!! RQ [4020 e-book, e-book download] Chapter 291: The layout that has already begun. Updated: January 22, 2013 23:03:29 Words in this Chapter: 4107 Although Mo Xue is the first time to hear the solitaire explanation method of Yue Mingkong and Yue Xunling, Mo Xue got a lot of information from it, and also learned a lot of things he didn't know before. It can be said that for Mo Xue himself, being able to know this has been of great help to his original plan. But at this moment, it seems that his original idea of dealing with the star-eating beast alone is full of loopholes, and. "It seems that before me, about the matter of dealing with the star-devouring beast, this senior Monla has already thought out a plan for N years.". I've been busy in vain! At this moment,30ml dropper bottle, Mo Xue, who used the power of nature to stand at a height of 1000 meters above the blood clan, said to himself with some self-mockery.