Legend of the Mage I

The so-called Acura rate strange, is the kind of ordinary strange will be a big outbreak, players Lian Ji

The so-called Acura rate strange, is the kind of ordinary strange will be a big outbreak, players Lian Ji, occasionally encountered playing ordinary strange will be a big explosion. This kind of monster is a kind of monster with a special high rate of violence in the monster violence rate file. Although the name looks the same as the ordinary monster on the surface, it is not a kind of monster in fact. Lin Jia, who has studied the legendary server-side files, knows that there are 4.5 kinds of monsters like giant polygons, such as those that only have experience and a few potions in the wild. There is a lot of garbage with hundreds of gold coins The name of the server, for example, is "Giant Polyhedra", and the side that will explode is "Giant Polyhedra 1". The one that doesn't explode in the dark temple is "Giant Polygonum 2", the one that explodes is "Giant Polygonum 0", and the richest one is "Huge Polygonum 8". Because the legend does not show the number behind the monster's name, so it seems to be the same, this time Lin Jia recruited five of them are likely to have 2.3, which is the kind of mantissa with 0 or 8 of the best rate monster. A large number of jewelry and weapons were collected and put into the trumpet, while the useless equipment side of the garbage was abandoned in the corner,pump tube, originally according to Lin Jia's meaning, those things like saber and ghost armor were thrown away to avoid trouble, but the big girl refused to do it anyway. Let Lin Jia a burst of sweat, play the legend of women are so interested in picking up garbage to sell it. Because the speed of Lin Jia's back and forth brush is too fast, the things on the ground are too late to pick up, the eldest brother and the big girl are in a hurry, the big girl suddenly shouted angrily: "No,plastic packing tube, it's shameful to waste!"! You wait! I'll call for help! Said suddenly stopped motionless, and then heard the voice of a Hunan female voice crackling made a phone call, and then the big girl was satisfied with the Lin Jia they said: "Hum!"! This is so cool! I just called all the little girls from my former guild, and I don't believe I can't clean you up! Lin Jia Juhan did not know whether what she was going to clean up was referring to the equipment on the ground that she had no time to pick up, or to him. Not much time passed, not more than half an hour, a ticket named "Princess Xinxin", "Princess Huihui", "Princess Lele" and "Princess Beibei" of the commoner trumpet poured out of the Daytime Gate checkpoint, which made Lin Jia look silly, and then a group of chirping little girls in the voice chat room screamed and laughed. As soon as this group of little girls rushed in, they said, custom cosmetic packing ,cosmetic tube packaging, "Big sister, why are we in such a hurry to get into this old district?" "Sister, shall we change to this server to play now?" "Shall we go to practice?"? The Queen will take us! There was a lot of screaming, and then suddenly a girl screamed, "Wow!"! A lot of equipment on the ground! Grab it!!! Then Lin Jia seemed to see the flies when she entered the public toilet, and with a "buzz", there was nothing on the ground! Lin Jia and the eldest brother are still standing there dumbfounded. Little girls, films! Give it to me, listen to me! Xinxin, Huihui. Lele. Beibei, you go to the opposite side with this cloud and mist sister, and the rest are here with me. Our slogan is: '~ ~'. Lin Jia thought they were going to shout. No cavities. As a result, a group of little girls shouted in a neat manner, "Eat up!" Drink up, kill up, snatch up, pick up.. Sweat, well, there are more people in the group than the Japanese! Lin Jia was about to speak when the elder sister shouted again, "Our aim is..". Not a blade of grass grows ,!!! A group of little girls screamed and laughed. Lin Jia fell off the stool with a bang and fainted. These are all your students. ? They don't have classes. ? Lin Jia got up and wiped his sweat and asked. , "Class?"? These goblins are all going to graduate. What class! Internship ! All the people who came here today have been approved to practice. The elder sister waved her hand in an arrogant manner and said in a great way. The little girls who were on the scene with the spirit of rebuking Fang Dao screamed and flattered their great class teacher. "Crime!"! This is a crime ! Our education in China can't be like this. ! Lin Jia shook his head and sighed . "I watched them walk better than a group of goblins who made the school so high. You don't know how many boys in our school are jealous of them. The goblins are not very old, and Yaya's ability to hook up is not small. In order to avoid things harmful to national unity, I took our headmaster's holy metaphor and took them to practice. All right!"! Quiet, please. ! Get to work No wonder people say that one woman is equivalent to 500 ducks. Lin Jia feels that she has opened a duck farm.. With the help of a group of little girls, the low equipment disappeared much faster. As soon as Lin Jia brushed it out, it was snatched up over there. Useful weapons and jewelry were collected and stored in the trumpet, and then sent to the Alliance Heavy Shabak Weapons Store. Groceries were directly transported to the Daytime Gate Store to be sold. Mysterious equipment was tested by the boss and the big girl. A series of assembly line work made Lin Jia unable to keep up with the speed. Two big ducks led a group of ducklings to work with great enthusiasm. Originally, they were bored to pick up equipment. A group of women were in high spirits for 4.5 hours. They actually saved more than 10 million yuan just by selling those garbage equipment. Lin Jia was so sweaty. Is it money to brush? ; Ah Suddenly the big girl screamed. Frightened the eldest brother almost mouse still, to Lin Jia old God in the continued to brush the tank, see the eldest brother action, Lin Jia buckled out two groups of toilet paper from the ear eye asked, how? Damn it Big girl, what the hell are you screaming? You scared me to death! Even the eldest brother couldn't stand it and shouted. , Oh.. Hoo hoo hoo ..... The big girl screamed excitedly. ;, get rich! Make a fortune ! Madman, you're rich. ! I'm rich. ? What do you mean ? Picked up the best. ? 'Lin Jia doubtfully ran up to trade with him to see if it was a good thing, so large-scale brush ordinary equipment, the probability of the best is very high, in addition to a few hours of girls to pick up the junk equipment to buy,plastic packaging tube, a total of 10 million gold coins, but also picked up a lot of small best, were collected by the girls that they can use it when they practice a few levels. emptycosmetictubes.com