Get Custody or Visitation Rights with a Seasoned Child Custody Attorney Brea

The focus of any child custody and visitation action should be on what is best for the children, not on which parent has more money or who is willing to make up stories or accusations to win at all costs.

Due to the various complexities and emotional difficulties involved in child custody and visitation matters, it's only wise to retain the services of a proven, experienced, and reliable child custody attorney Brea.

At Eric Child Custody Law, all our family law attorneys are highly experienced and compassionate. We serve in Southern California and provide diligent, creative, and tactful legal services to find a solution to your problems. We're not just aggressive trial litigators but also able negotiators who have a proven success record of protecting parents' legal rights and ensuring their child's best interests when the question is of their custody and visitation rights.

Child Custody Laws in California

Custody and child visitation are regulated by the California Family Code. These matters are highly emotional in nature and can potentially change the lives of both parents and children. Sometimes the opposing parties become aggressive in their behavior, and only the courts can find a tenable solution. The family judge will decide the matter based on the best interests of the child.

However, that's not your only option here. Our child custody attorneys in Brea strive to find an amicable solution between you and your spouse with a mutually agreed parenting plan and visitation rights. But if the other parent is unwilling and wants an all-out trial, we'll litigate aggressively for you.

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