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Zong Shou had no choice but to stay in the sky of the common people for another ten days. Let the master and the disciples be together for some more time.

Zong Shou had no choice but to stay in the sky of the common people for another ten days. Let the master and the disciples be together for some more time. By the way, handle some of the chores that belong to "talking about autumn" properly. Let those brothers and sisters have a chance to flatter and admire him and get in touch with him. When they really left, the South Korean side's expression was extremely complicated. Put a lot of stuff. All of them were given to Shi Ruolan. Elixir, ritual instrument, spirit stone, amulet. Some of these things, even Zong Shou, are also very hot. At least the Gankun bag is better than what he used. It's seven times bigger! After farewell, the same is the transmission of jade slips, returned to the dry Tianshan Mountain. At this time Zhao Yan ran, already two days ago, his boat of wood. Together with the Demon God Shuttle, he was sent back to Gan Tianshan Mountain. It could be this witch. It's already a cause of fame. Although the magic shuttle is carrying a treasure, but along the way, it is safe, and there is no change. It is said that Ren Bo was happy for a long time after he knew it. Only these fragments of ancient wood are enough to reduce the money needed to transform the empty ship by 50%. Zong Shou at this time but no mind to pay attention to this matter, learned that Zong Lan has been more than ten days ago, command four hundred thousand carefully selected step ride, escorted by the ship division from the Hongcheng port, to HuiZhou. Zong Shou only hurriedly summoned Zhang Huai, asked a few words, and then non-stop, once again driving the flying shuttle, to the direction of Lianyun Island again. Without the giant wooden ballast, the speed of the shuttle increased sharply again. It took about a day for Zong Shou to come here again, over the archipelago. And more than ten days ago, no change. It's just that the fishy smell here is a little stronger. Also do not know these ten days, this Wei Hai and cut off how many heads? He pressed the shuttle and flew to several floating islands designated by Wei Hai that day. Sure enough, I saw thousands of cloud ships moored here. In addition to large ships transporting all kinds of supplies, warships loaded with soldiers. There are five hundred three-tooth warships and nearly a hundred five-tooth warships. There are also more than ten ships with seven teeth and nine teeth on it. All the way neatly lined up, countless six-armed,Nail machine manufacturer, even seven-armed crossbows pointing to the outside, the armor is strong, the momentum is awesome. By this time, some soldiers had gone ashore and were cleaning up the barracks on the island. But when Zong Shou drove the magic shuttle and landed on the deck of a nine-toothed giant ship. But see here to meet Zong Lan several people, the expression is very ugly. Dark as water, eyes full of anger. Zong Shou raised his eyebrows, looked around, and then probably knew what was going on. See the placement of the giant crossbow on the arrowhead, have all been removed. If this is all right, the spirit array laid here has also been taken out of all the spirit stones. It takes a lot of time to re-depict the layout. Zong Shou squinted and looked dozens of miles away in the direction of the main island. I saw a dozen people over there, looking in this direction. Several of the lords of the cities of Huizhou looked at the groups of warships here, and their expressions were all blue and white. Seemed to be surprised by the military strength of the dry Tianshan, faintly have a bit of regret. Wei Hai has the backing of a big businessman, so he doesn't have to care about the Tianshan Mountains. But these people, if Zong Shou wants to take his life, it's just a snap of a finger! Wei Hai, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail machine manufacturer, however, smiled and hugged his fists to this side, as if apologizing. Kong Xuan, on the other hand, had a cold face. Zong Shouyi music, back a gift, not to pay attention to. Turning his head again, he listened to Zong Lan's cold words. Withdraw the crossbow, also just, after all, this is their big business. These spirit crossbow valuable, do not want to give up, since also give no cause for more criticism. Food and supplies, only give the number of one hundred thousand people, I can not care about the dry day. But what is the meaning of destroying the spirit array here? Ling Xuan, who was standing next to him, added, "This Wei Hai is really a mean person. Do you really think that people don't know his ulterior motives?" Zong yuan and Ren Tianxing were both silent, but their expressions were calm. As soon as Huzhong bent over directly, Weng said, "Please issue a decree to withdraw troops from here!"! What does the life and death of Huizhou Island have to do with me? As soon as this remark was made, the rest of the people were silent for a while, and no one answered. They were all frowning and worried. Zong Shou's eyes flashed, followed by a light laugh. If this had been done a few days ago, there would have been nothing wrong with it. Just choose this night demon at any time, will attack from here, it is rather reminiscent of thousands of people. Other spirit crossbows on those arrow platforms can also be drawn from warships. The nine-armed crossbow with the highest lethality is really difficult to deploy. With this spirit array, it is still unknown whether it can be restored when the night demon arrives. Even if it is completed, it is difficult to achieve no flaws. If he were the King of Namingluo, he would have chosen to break through here, not somewhere else where the garrison was tighter. Said that Wei Hai was ill-intentioned, or light. I knew about it more than ten days ago. No matter how sophisticated he is, he will be annoyed. But when I heard about it at this time, I didn't care at all and laughed. You can't withdraw! Ren Tianxing was in the rear of the crowd, but with the murderous eyes of Hu Zhongyuan, he came out and said, "Half a day ago, I joined hands with General Zongyuan to explore the actual situation.". At this time, there are millions of night demons outside the boundary, all of which are elite soldiers who can compete with the Snow Clan. If we can't join forces with the army of the merchants, I will suffer heavy casualties even if it is not a single tree. Even if we want to withdraw, we need a perfect way. Around a few people, mostly mature and prudent people. Smell speech all slightly nod, obviously is holding the meaning of approval. Only the tiger Zhongyuan, angry is a red face. Zong Shou smiled and heard the meaning of Ren Tianxing's words. They withdraw, if that Wei Hai does not care, the same withdrawal, that how? Gan Tianshan Mountain is not only to fight against the night demon, but also to be blamed by all the countries in the cloud world. As for the perfect solution, it is natural to think of ways to let the dozens of elite businessmen stay here. Once the war starts,Coil Nail Making Machine, these people will not be able to leave. He must have been shaking his head in silence before he did not know that there was no life in the Great Void Heaven. With that Wei Hai's shrewdness, how could he hold up the jar for others? Knowing the array of blood sacrifice, Zong Shou was already somewhat confident.