Resentful couple of rebirth

As she thought about it carelessly, she made a Sanqi stewed chicken, which was the best for injuries from falls, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and also invigorating Qi.

As she thought about it carelessly, she made a Sanqi stewed chicken, which was the best for injuries from falls, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and also invigorating Qi. Then she simply made a few dishes of tofu mixed with vegetables, steamed eggs, and fried tendons, and ordered someone to send them to him. Then she went back to her room, thinking about how to buy her own property so that she could leave Xu Ning cleanly in the future. Although Xu Ning these days seems to still have a lot of care for themselves, today also for her injury, she will not think Xu Ning how deep feelings for themselves. He is just so respectful and loving to women, from princesses to prostitutes, he is generally respectful and loving, but nowadays most men despise women, and he is in a high position, so this style is particularly outstanding, and I do not know how many women are fascinated. Only she, the first wife, had ever seen his angry, embarrassed, ruthless and cold side. There was nothing to say that night,Magnetic Drain Plug, but at daybreak, when she was having breakfast, the shopkeeper in front of her asked Xiao He to come in and send a message. She was a little surprised: "Uncle didn't come out. Then go and call him. Why are you looking for me?" In the past two days, Xiaohe also felt that there seemed to be something wrong with the couple and the past. In the past, the young couple were as sticky as if they were one person, but now they seemed to be a little cold. But this was a matter for the host family, and she had no intention of inquiring. She explained with a smile,Investment casting parts, "If you don't know, you have strict rules. No one is allowed to go into the study upstairs." The former shopkeeper said that the son-in-law had told him yesterday that he had to examine the spices himself. Now everyone was waiting, but he didn't come down. The kitchen said that the son-in-law would come to use the breakfast. On weekdays, the son-in-law got up early. Today, it's better for the lady to go and have a look. Then he looked at her face and said, "I heard that you didn't eat much last night. You only used more soup made by your wife. You won't get sick, will you?" Tang Baoru was in a daze, remembering that he did not know how he was hurt yesterday, so he put his chopsticks down, went out and went upstairs, knocked on the door in front of the study, and pushed the door in without a sound. The whole study is very spacious. The windows are bright and clean. The bookshelves on the wall are spotless. A piano and a few are placed just right. There is no antique decoration. The windows are set up outward, facing the temple in the distance. Looking out of the window, you can only feel that the mountains are far away, the water and the sky are connected, die casting parts ,non standard fasteners, which makes you feel broad-minded and dusty. Tang Baoru did not look carefully, but went straight to the Duobao Pavilion in the middle of the room. Sure enough, a soft couch was placed behind him. Xu Ning lay on his side and slept, curled up, with one hand buried in the soft pillow. She bent over and pushed him. "Oh, wake up. I'm waiting for you to inspect the goods." Xu Ning moved his body and opened his eyes. Tang Baoru saw a faint blue mark under his eyes. She was slightly stunned. Then she saw him struggling to get up. She could not help reaching out to help him, but felt some heat under her hands. She could not help saying, "Are you having a fever?" Xu Ning himself reached out his hand and touched his forehead. "It's not high," he said dejectedly. "It's probably a low fever or carelessness. The medicine he took last night is probably not symptomatic." Tang Baoru frowned and said, "Then don't force yourself to go on. I'll let someone go down and let the shopkeeper inspect the goods. It's better to send someone to ask the doctor to come. If it hurts the muscles and bones, how can it affect the provincial examination?" Xu Ning also did not force, lying down, is still sideways, Tang Baoru see in the eyes, the heart knows that his back must be hurt, not by the heart of some boredom, downstairs to order people to send a message to the doctor not to mention. Someone outside also asked that the car and gift for visiting my teacher had been prepared today. It was originally planned that my son-in-law would go to present the festival to my husband today. How to deal with it now. Tang Baoru called a clever waiter to come in and explained, "Before the festival, this gift must go. You take our master's name card and take the gift. You said that the officer was going to send a gift to the master in person, but he caught a wind and had a fever. He didn't dare to go to the door for fear of getting sick. He had to order you to send a small gift to wish the master all the best. When he recovered after the festival, he had to go to the door to apologize." Please bear with me, sir. That fellow learned one by one, repeated again, Tang Baoru just sent him down, from back hall. But I didn't know that the shopkeeper I had seen in front of me was secretly shocked. Usually, I only felt that the young lady of the Tang family was very young. Although she was delicate, she was childish, charming and clingy. But Xu Guanren doted on her very much. Usually, she refused to let anyone take a look at her. I didn't expect that today's order to explain things would be one or two or two, clear and clear. Dressed in bright red, embroidered with purses and peonies, with awe-inspiring features, they were quite powerful. They were no worse than the squires and ladies who came to the shop on weekdays. It was reasonable for Xu Guanren to spoil the little lady. The bearing of the couple was not like that of people who could come out of this small county town. After a while, the doctor came. Tang Baoru led him up to feel Xu Ning's pulse. Sure enough, Xu Ning estimated that the medicine he used and the Panax notoginseng chicken made by Tang Baoru were washed away, so that the blood stasis did not disperse and the heat toxin was stored. It happened that it was cold outside, and he had a fever. The doctor prescribed another medicine to disperse, and ordered people to buy the designated bone-setting oil. Tang Bao-ru ordered Xiaohe to pay for the consultation. After thanking him, he ordered the kitchen to decoct the medicine, and for a moment the bone-setting oil from outside was also sent. Tang Baoru saw that only Xiao He was allowed to come in the backyard on weekdays. Xiao He was a girl with yellow flowers, so naturally it was not easy to give Xu Ning the medicine. He had invited a few assistants in front of him, and those sent out to give gifts and purchase had all gone out, but no one had given Xu Ning the medicine. After thinking about it, he laughed: I haven't seen him naked It's just a medicine. At least it's a favor for him. Why should he be so coy. He went straight to take the medicine to come in and saw Xu Ning lying on the bed with a pillow in his arms, sleeping with his head closed sideways, his long eyelashes hanging down and looking quite stable,car radiator cap, with a childishness on his face. His appearance was actually very attractive to older women who were soft-hearted and loved him. He could not get the preference of his biological mother. Only when he had no brothers, did he get the maternal love that still brought more intentions. She sat down on the edge of the bed and went straight to untie his shirt. Xu Ning's eyelashes shook and he opened his eyes. He looked at her with some surprise. Tang Baoru's ears suddenly turned red when he saw him. He didn't know what he felt guilty about. He said ferociously, "The guys have all been sent to buy gifts for your teacher. I'll give you some medicine." 。