Never bow your head

"Bobo's face turned blue, and when he looked up, he saw a man with a big beard coming slowly, holding an axe in his hand." ww w . xia oshu m Chapter 14 twist Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Twelve forty-five.

"Bobo's face turned blue, and when he looked up, he saw a man with a big beard coming slowly, holding an axe in his hand." ww w . xia oshu m Chapter 14 twist Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Twelve forty-five. A gentle, handsome attendant, with a pair of very beautiful hands, is pouring wine for Luo Lie. His hand was stretched out from behind Luo Lie's shoulder, holding the flagon with two hands. Although the panther did not look at him, he knew that as soon as the two hands were separated, there would be a steel wire noose on Luo Lie's throat. He had seen Qin Song when he was strangled. He believed that Chen Jing would never miss. But then Luo Lie suddenly stood up, took out a handkerchief from his trouser pocket, and wiped his mouth. Then he sat down again. But by this time the opportunity had been missed, the wine had been filled, and Chen Jing's hand had to be withdrawn. There was no trace of disappointment on his face. He knew that there would be another chance in the future, and that a glass of wine would soon be finished. The panther also knew that he was ready to drink a toast to Luo Lie as soon as the wine was filled. By this time Chen Jing had come up behind him and was pouring wine for him. When the panther saw these beautiful hands coming out from behind his shoulders,plastic pallet suppliers, he suddenly had a very strange idea in his heart. Just then, Chen Jing's hands were separated, and the flagon in her hand "fell" on the table. He had a steel wire noose in his hand, and with an unimaginable speed, he strangled the panther's neck. No one could think of this change, but Chen Jing herself did not think of it. He didn't expect to miss himself. The panther's reaction was unimaginably faster. He suddenly lowered his head,drum spill pallet, opened his mouth, and sank his teeth into the wire noose. His hand bumped back again, and a fist hit Chen Jing on the lower abdomen. Chen Jing immediately bent down in pain and banged her head against the table. The panther's other hand, like a lightning strike, struck the aorta at the back of his left neck. When Chen Jing fell down, the whole person was as soft as an emptied sack. Dazang watched quietly, with no expression on his face. Luo lie is also quietly watching, his face is not even a little expression. He did not seem surprised by the change. The panther raised his head and looked at them, and his face was completely expressionless. The three of them sat quietly opposite each other and looked at each other, but neither of them moved or opened their mouths. The drawing-room was suddenly as still as a grave. I don't know how long it took for the panther to pour himself a glass of wine and raise his glass to Dazang: "I toast you." Dazang also raised his glass and said, plastic pallet containers ,collapsible bulk containers, "Cheers?" "Of course. Cheers!" "Cheers for what?" "For you!" Panther gulped it down: "I admire you." Dazang smiled. "I admire you, too." "Oh?" "I didn't expect Chen Jing to miss." Dazang smiled. "I've always had confidence in him." "I didn't think you would dare to take such a risk." "Oh?" "You said yourself that whoever is going to kill can never be 100% sure." "I said that," admitted Dazang. "Of course there is a reason why you dare to take such a risk." Dazang also admitted. The panther suddenly turned his head and stared at Luo Lie. "Is that you?" Luo Lie smiled. The panther said coldly, "If it weren't for you, he would never dare to take such a risk, because he knows.". As long as Chen Jing misses, both of them will die. Luo Lie did not want to deny it, nor did he want to open his mouth. The panther stared at him and suddenly asked, "When did you recognize them?" "The day after he came back." The answer was not Luo Lie, but Dazang. Did he go to you? Dazang shook his head. "Of course he won't come to me. I went to visit him specially." How do you know he's back? How do you know there is such a person as him? "Before we organized magpies, I had gone to your hometown to inquire about your background." Dazang smiled faintly: "I have always been a very cautious person." People in Stone Village, of course, all know the relationship between Luo Lie and the Panther. Dazang added, "So I knew what kind of person he was, but I couldn't find out where he was." "How do you know this time?" "Blind Chen.". "You shouldn't have ignored Blind Chen," said Dazang. "You shouldn't have ignored anyone. No matter what kind of person he is, he has his own value." The panther sneered. This is a very philosophical statement, which he can not fully accept. He can not fully understand the value of human beings. He has been influenced by Master Jin unconsciously, and he regards most people as his tools. "So you shouldn't ignore Mrs. Plum," said Luo Lie. Panther finally moved: "Have you seen her?"? She's not dead? "She is not dead." Luo Lie said, "Gordon is a killer, but he will never kill a woman who has no resistance at all." Luo Lie's eyes, as if with a kind of color, looked at the panther, and then said: "You should not underestimate Gordon, nor should you underestimate Mrs. Plum." The panther gritted his teeth. "Did she come to you, too?" "She came to me. She told me a lot of things." Luo Lie sighed: "Because she was very grateful to Gordon, but could not repay him, so she returned this gratitude to me." The panther's face turned blue. "Go on." "I wasn't an escaped prisoner. She bailed me out." Luo Lie was saying, "When she arrived in Hamburg, she quickly raised a sum of money. Hamburg is the easiest place for a woman to make money, especially a beautiful woman who knows how to use means. Although she is older, she is still a very beautiful woman." Panther sneers. "She's a bitch, an old bitch." "Fortunately, there are many men in the world who can't see the real age of a woman,plastic pallet manufacturer, especially a woman from a foreign country." This is indeed a very strange thing. In this metropolis, there are also many foreign young men, but they are looking for women who are old enough to be his mother.