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Xiao Jiaoer was frightened and hurriedly pulled the soft whip with his hand. Don't pull it over. If you are pulled over by them, you will surely cut off the meridians for these two villains and make them neither dead nor alive.

Xiao Jiaoer was frightened and hurriedly pulled the soft whip with his hand. Don't pull it over. If you are pulled over by them, you will surely cut off the meridians for these two villains and make them neither dead nor alive. Xiao Jiaoer almost did his best in his life. The force was like wild waves and angry waves, and the white-faced man's ferocious laughter was not over, so he was shaken up by the amazing force and fell on a tree trunk. The ferocious laughter turned into a scream, and immediately the flesh and blood flew everywhere, and the tree was broken and people died. The tree fell, clattering, and pressed on the body of the white-faced man, washing up dust, broken branches and leaves. This time, not only the yellow-faced man and Elder Jia, who was breathing with luck, were stunned, but even Xiao Jiaoer was dumbfounded. Thought: This white-faced man is not dead? Xiao Jiao didn't want to kill people, and he was even more afraid of killing people, but he killed people. The yellow-faced man shouted in horror, "My brother!"! Brother Qi !” He ran to save his brother. A look, his brother not only no gas, in the fall out of the trunk below,side impact beams, is a mass of flesh and blood! He was so angry that he went mad. "Boy, do you dare to kill my brother?"? I'm going to cut you into pieces. "I didn't kill him," said Xiao Jiaoer. "Don't mess around." The yellow-faced man was so angry that he had lost his humanity. He whipped three times in a row like lightning, and the whips were all fierce and fierce. With an incredible monkey posture, Xiao Jiaoer dodged the three whips and was about to jump up the tree to escape when he saw a figure flying out of the woods. With a flash of cold light, an arm flew up from the flash of cold light and fell down with a "thump" from the yellow-faced man. Because he was hit by another deadly sword in the thigh. Little Jiaoer, calm down. Look,beam impact tubes, it's Aunt Mei. "Auntie, are you here?" He exclaimed in surprise. Mei Ying looked sideways at him and said, "Little bastard, aren't you dead?" When she looked at Elder Jia again, he had already disappeared. It turned out that when Elder Jia saw Mei Ying cutting and stabbing the yellow-faced man, he already felt bad and ran away! Little Jiao said in astonishment, "Auntie, I'm not dead!" Mei Ying stamped her foot. "Let the old fox escape!" Little Jiaoer asked blankly again, "What old fox escaped?" Mei Ying was angry and amused and said, "I wonder why you didn't die when you were so confused." "I don't know either!" Mei Ying ignored him and went to look at the yellow-faced man who had fallen to the ground with a broken arm. He saw a streak of black blood flowing from the corners of his mouth. His face was blue. He put his hand under his nose to test it, but he had no breath. "Why is he dead?" She said. Little Jiaoer was frightened again. "He, how did he die?"? I I didn't touch him. Mei Ying said: "I also want to ask his statement, it seems that he committed suicide by taking poison." Little Jiao'er, who had been with Sanbuyi Xu for some time, Precision Welded pipes ,stainless steel tube 304, also saw that the yellow-faced man had died of taking poison. He did not understand and asked, "Aunt, he fell to the ground and did not move. When did he take the poison?" Who knows! I'm afraid he's already got the poison in his mouth. As soon as the matter was urgent, he knew that he could not escape, so he bit the poison and swallowed it. Once he died, the thread was broken. "Aunt, what thread is broken?" "No wonder madam called you a little bastard and a little fool.". I only cut off his arm and stabbed him in the thigh. I didn't want to kill him with a sword. I wanted to ask him where he came from, where he usually hid, and how many companions he had. He's dead. How can I ask? Isn't this a clue to track down the thieves? Only then did Xiao Jiaoer realize that this was called breaking the thread. Mei Ying asks him again: "Little Bastard, what do you come out to do?" Confused, Xiao Jiaoer asked, "Didn't I come out to patrol the mountains?"? What else do you do? ?” Mei Ying shook her head. "I see you're not a mountain patrol." "What if I don't patrol the mountains?" "I think they are the ones who patrol the mountains.". They patrol the mountains much more seriously than you do! "I don't know what you mean, aunt." Little bastard, do you patrol the mountains like this? Don't interrogate strangers when meeting them. Instead, let them question you first. Do you think they are patrolling the mountain or you are patrolling the mountain? "Aunt, how do you know?" "Me!"! Follow you all the way in the dark Why don't you know? Fortunately, they only want you alive. I'll kill you without a shot. "Aunt, I surrounded the three of them. Why didn't you come out early to save me?" Do you have no hands or feet? Your hands are useless. Your feet are so weak that you only want to run away and can't do anything else. "Aunt, I don't know martial arts!" "Didn't you learn one hundred and eight strokes from the eighteen-year-old Guanyin?"? Why don't you shake it out? "That, that is martial arts?"? It's used to carve stone statues and stone flowers. ?” "You are hopelessly confused, you little bastard!"! If you can carve stone flowers, why don't you use them on the thieves? Cut them down to a well-behaved and obedient person ?” "This-!" "Little bastard, you remember clearly in the future, you are out to patrol the mountains, within fifty miles, see any stranger, go to interrogate clearly, do not let people come to interrogate you." "Aunt, I remember." "Also, when someone attacks you, don't be such a wimp. You just want to run away and don't fight back. You should fight back. Don't always get beaten." "Yes!"! Aunt 。” "All right!"! Go to patrol the mountain again. ! I'm not following you in the dark anymore. 。 If you see a suspicious stranger, you'd better catch them alive. If you can't catch them, kill them. Don't let them escape again. "Aunt, how did I capture them alive?" "Haven't you ever learned to point people's acupoints?"? Didn't Xu Xian teach you? ?” As soon as Mei Ying asked, Xiao Jiao'er immediately remembered that he knew how to press acupoints, but Xiao Jiao'er only thought that it was used on patients, but did not think that it would be used on enemies or opponents, just as he had learned the skill of cutting along the palm. He only thought of carving stones like stone flowers, but did not think of fighting with people. As a matter of fact, Xiao Jiao now has several unique skills, each of which can defeat the enemy and subdue the enemy. Even if he can't win, he can protect himself. Mei Ying added, "Little bastard,Cold Drawn Tubes, with your deep internal force, you can seal people's acupoints in the air. If you don't want to kill people, you'd better use this method." 。 cbiesautomotive.com