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Just ready to look down, a glance to see is a swordsmanship "Xiaoyao Wenxin Jian",

Just ready to look down, a glance to see is a swordsmanship "Xiaoyao Wenxin Jian", was about to open to see, but heard a hissing sound, Xiao Feng reaction is the fastest, a palm to the place where the sound issued a move to split the empty palm, bang, the entrance of the hole was half knocked down by the force of the palm, a trace of yellow smoke drifted in. The three of them jumped back at the same time. With quick eyes and quick hands, I stuffed the ten secret books into my arms. Xiao Feng said in a deep voice, "Be careful. I'm afraid the poisonous smoke can't be contaminated." Huhu sent out two palms and scattered the smoke. The smoke drifted out. The flowers and plants over there were stained with poisonous smoke and suddenly withered. The three of them could not help turning pale and saying in unison, "What a terrible poison!" Three people look at each other, can not help but feel some regret in the heart, is to see the secret book in hand, immediately forgot or in a strange place, unexpectedly did not go out in time. The poisonous smoke came in from the outside, and it was obvious that someone had cut off the way out and made dumplings. Seeing more and more poisonous smoke, Xiao Feng and I both clapped our hands and dispersed the poisonous smoke. Ah Zhu exclaimed, "Uncle Qiao, Leader Feng, this is no good." Xiao Feng's face was like sinking into the water. Suddenly, he clapped his hands and hit the smooth stone wall like a flat mirror. "What's the matter with you, Elder Brother?" I cried, as the stones were flying and Xiao Feng's palms were bleeding. As soon as I finished calling, I knew Xiao Feng's intention. He actually wanted to make a row of small pits so that he could jump up the stone wall. I had a flash of inspiration in my mind. He took out the Fish Intestine Sword from his bosom and shouted, "Elder brother, use this." Xiao Feng shook his head and said, "This stone wall is so hard. Even if your dagger is a God-given weapon, how can it penetrate?" I laughed and said, "Big brother,75 smart board, you'll know when you try." Doubtful, Xiao Feng took the fish-intestine sword, gathered his internal force, and stabbed it on the stone wall. Sure enough, it was three points into the stone. Xiao Feng exulted, "Brother, this sword is really very sharp.". Even such a hard stone can be pierced. I nodded and smiled, Xiao Feng no longer hesitated, internal force condensation, right hand condensation. Quickly with the fish intestine sword to stab out a small pit, step on it,smart board interactive whiteboard, the right hand fish intestine sword to stab out again, and dig out a small pit, has been digging seven or eight small pits, this jumped down. Zhu and I each used our hands to disperse the yellow smoke. When Xiao Feng jumped down, I asked, "Brother, how's it going?" Xiao Feng said with a smile, "It's almost done. You two will support each other for a while.". Chu, can you resist? "All right, Uncle Joe," said Ah Chu with a smile, "hurry up and do your work. I can stand it here. Xiao Feng smiled and jumped up again. Not long after, Xiao Feng jumped down and said with a smile, "Well, it's almost done." I nodded and shouted, "Elder brother, you go first. Ah Chu is in the middle, and I'm the last." Xiao Feng frowned and said, "What did you say, brother?"? You go up first, clean up the enemy above, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,smartboards in classrooms, and I'll break the back. I want to say again, Xiao Feng has reached out a hand, grabbed my belt, shouted: "Quick." Reaching out my hand and throwing it up, I felt a strong push behind me, and involuntarily rose three or four Zhangs. I saw a small pit in front of me, just enough to accommodate it. At that moment, I took a deep breath and fell down. My toes were a little bit in the pit. Pingping jumped up again. Sure enough, I saw another small pit. I thought that Qiao Feng deserved to be a super master in Tianlong. Unexpectedly, the internal force is so strong, I use the fish intestine sword to dig out a small hole, it is really difficult, it takes a lot of effort to dig out the hole, unexpectedly Xiao Feng will dig out a row of small holes in a short time, the purity of the internal force can be imagined. I jumped up seven or eight small holes in a row, and was about to jump out of the stone wall. I took a deep breath. The True Qi instantly activated the Sunflower Treasure Book and the Nine Yang Divine Skill. With two clangs, I had already held the fixed lightsaber and the Shengxie sword in my hand. As soon as I lifted my breath, I had jumped out of the stone wall and was about to kill the enemy above, but unexpectedly there was no enemy above. After removing the activation of the internal force, he quickly made a tour of the top. It must be that the enemy only found the passage we had made, but did not find the top of the mountain. Seeing that Ah Chu also jumped up quickly, he said strangely, "Ah Chu, where is Big Brother?" Zhu was about to speak when he saw Xiao Feng jump up. The three of them looked down and saw that the bottom was already filled with yellow smoke. Xiao Feng frowned and said, "I don't know where the enemy is. This poisonous smoke is so powerful." Three people quietly turned down the hill from the other side, three people are martial arts, along the way carefully, but did not find half a figure. All the way to the front of the mountain, suddenly, two "Ji, Ji" flutes sounded, very close to each other. After a moment, there were several whistles in the southwest corner, followed by several whistles in the southeast corner. The whistles were sharp and shrill. It was the jade flute played by the people of Xingxiu Sea School. Three people immediately stopped, I frowned, turned to look at Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng nodded slightly, indicating that he knew, but heard the flute constantly, one after another, gradually moving to the southwest, I looked up and saw a pile of flames in front of me. The flame is about five feet high. The color is pure blue, the ghost is dense, and the ordinary flame is very different, although the sky is bright, but still feel that the flame is strange. Three people approached quietly, behind the invisibility stone, looking out, I saw more than ten people gathered beside the flame, the same color of hemp cloth shirt, under the green light of the fire, I do not know what is burning, emitting a strong yellow smoke, several people are constantly fanning, the yellow smoke straight into the tunnel. The crowd was silent Flame, left palm on the chest, mouth murmur do not know what to say, only that a few son kept fanning. Seeing these more than ten people, old and young, their clothes were generally the same, and none of them showed a particularly bossy appearance in their movements and expressions. Suddenly I heard the soft sound of the flute coming from the northeast, and everyone turned around and bowed to the place where the flute came. I looked at the sound of the flute and saw a figure in white floating in front of me. It was very fast at my feet. In a moment, I walked to the front of the flame and put one end of a two-foot-long jade flute to my mouth. As soon as the air blew towards the flame, the flame went out steeply, and then it was bright, and with a loud sound,interactive panel board, it rose into the air, rising about ten feet high, and then slowly lowered. The crowd shouted: "Big Brother's magic power is magical.". It was an eye-opener for us. 。 hsdsmartboard.com